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More Than Urgent Care

Healthcare is an ever-evolving field, as the last three years of the coronavirus pandemic has made abundantly clear. One thing that does not change, however, is a community’s need for convenient and affordable care, whether it’s urgent care or beyond. You can rest assured we have our finger on the pulse of industry trends and developments and are working to bring you the best healthcare possible.

Our walk-in urgent care services are just one aspect of overall care that we provide. For instance, we offer:

We are dedicated to providing easier access to convenient and affordable healthcare to patients and families in Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Indiana, and soon to be Alabama, with 206 current clinic locations and more slated to open. We provide treatments for a wide range of illnesses, injuries and common conditions, as well as provide a variety of wellness, diagnostic and screening services. We accept most major insurance providers and offer competitive self-pay prices.

Providers in specialty services

At Fast Pace Health, we believe that expertise coupled with truly caring for those in our community and a passion for patient care is a winning combination. Our providers can address a number of conditions and work together with you to carve out a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

“We are committed to our mission and our vision of providing accessible, affordable care to the communities we serve, and providing these additional services in the same place you go for urgent care is right in line with that,” said Jeff Rogers, Executive Vice President at Fast Pace Health. “We’ve identified where there’s issues with access to care and services coming out of an urgent care visit in our communities. So access to care—immediate, convenient and cost-effective care—drive our growth in specialty services.”

Marrying a holistic care approach with existing affordable and accessible urgent care services can help patients with care that supports overall wellness, not just care for an immediate, presenting issue.

“Take a sports-related injury, for example,” Rogers said. “You visit an urgent care provider at the time of injury, but how do we look at things in terms of getting the person back to playing sports, or—if it’s work related—getting back to work? What are the patient’s goals with their recovery, and what do they need to get back to where they were before their injury?”

In our quest to serve more people and to a greater extent, we’re looking to expand our team. Right now, we have 10 primary care providers, 4 dermatology providers, 12 behavioral health providers and 15 orthopedic providers. Our first physical therapy clinic opened in 2022, with a goal to have physical therapy services available throughout our clinic communities by the end of next year.

More providers mean more impact

Orthopedics isn’t our only area of focus, of course. Our goal is to have 10 dermatologists on board by the end of 2023. From a primary care perspective, we’re excited about a move that will position us to grow to probably 20 to 25 providers. We are also very excited about our partnership with Rural Health Alliance (RHA) that added 60 additional primary care providers in our clinic communities. In addition, we’ve recently partnered with First Care Clinics in Kentucky and Indiana, further expanding the opportunities for value-based care to rural populations.

“We are thrilled to partner with RHA to increase access to high-quality, affordable healthcare in our rural communities,” said Greg Steil, President and CEO of Fast Pace Health. “RHA’s focus on high-quality patient experience fits perfectly with Fast Pace’s culture and we are excited about the future — working towards solving America’s rural healthcare problem together through our innovative care coordination model.”

From an urgent care perspective, we’re making the move to a more holistic approach. In this way, we’re not just treating patients once. More providers means more direct involvement in patient care before an illness or injury, as well as during and after.

We’re here for you, and we’re here for good. Visit our website for location and provider services information.

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