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Baton Rouge

1545 Millerville Road
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816
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Coming soon!

Although this clinic is currently closed, it will be open in the near future. In the meantime, we can assist you with your needs via Telehealth.

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Monday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
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About Baton Rouge | Urgent Care

Do you currently reside in Baton Rouge, Louisiana? Our new Baton Rouge clinic coming soon to your area will be just what you need to receive immediate medical care in your time of need. We are an urgent care center focused on patient-centered care to serve you in whatever way possible. We value prioritizing health care for our patients by limiting typical wait times, offering walk-ins, offering service through convenient locations, and prioritizing overall patient health and wellness. Here at Fast Pace Health, we have multiple options for healthcare service, all tailored to you as the patient.

Through many services, it is our pleasure to soon offer patient-centered care to the citizens of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, through compassionate, convenient, and cost-effective medical care. We are excited to offer many onsite services for many non-life-threatening medical situations you may experience.

When you have a condition that requires urgent medical attention

Fast Pace Health is dedicated to treating patients with injuries or illnesses that require immediate attention. Our facility is designed for fast and convenient treatment for walk-in patients, and our providers are ready to provide immediate care. Fast Pace Health is open seven days a week, with no appointment. Walk-ins are welcome. We have lab and X-ray services on site. Additional services, such as behavioral health and virtual telehealth, are available.

Our Health Care Services

Urgent Care

Here at Fast Pace Health, we understand that anything can happen anytime. This is why we have our urgent care service available at any time! Our urgent care clinic understands that accidents and health issues are not planned occurrences. That is why we ensure that there is no appointment needed. We are open seven days a week, and walk-ins are welcome anytime during our extended hours. Our goal is to provide our patients with a more convenient alternative to an emergency room covering all your needs — from fever and illness to sporting injuries and x-rays.

Primary Care

Our goal for primary care here at Fast Pace Health is to provide our patients with the essential healthcare they need through integrated and accessible services through partnership. Our primary care covers a range of needs for our patients. We offer everything from lab work and immunizations to physicals and yearly exams. Through individualized care, primary care allows for a closer relationship between the patient and the primary care provider. This optimizes the healthcare experience with an improved patient and provider relationship.

Physical Therapy

Providing physical therapy services is another way we will aim to serve the community here in Baton Rouge! We provide several physical therapy services, such as screenings, rehab, dry needling, and more! Our goal is to work one-on-one with patients to address any physical therapy need they might have and make adjustments where needed so that our patients can be set up for success through improved movement and managed pain in their day-to-day life.

Orthopedic Care

Through our orthopedic care services here at Fast Pace Health, it is important to us that we provide the best care possible to improve our patients’ musculoskeletal systems for optimal health in their day-to-day living. We focus on full recovery through individualized treatment techniques and orthopedic medicine. Our onsite orthopedic services include but are not limited to sports physicals, sports injuries, x-rays, and treatment for various kinds of pain throughout the body.

Dermatology Care

Here at Fast Pace Health, we understand that skin and other dermatology issues can be complex topics. That is why we strive to serve our patients by providing dermatology care for everyday skin issues, the more uncommon skin issues, and issues involving hair and nails. Our dermatology care examines various issues such as hair growth, acne, scarring, moles, rashes, and more. In addition, we also offer cosmetic procedures that include but are not limited to botox, micro-needling, fillers, and more.

Occupational Health

Our occupational health services seek to provide everything you need to keep your employees healthy and safe. We at Fast Pace Health know how valuable and important your employees are, so we have carefully put together this service to serve your employees to the greatest potential by focusing on cost-effective and high-quality care. We provide a large scope of service that includes customized service, workers’ compensation, drug screens, occupational medicine, physicals, injury care, and more.


With our telehealth services, healthcare has never been easier! Telehealth is a video-based virtual visit that enables you to get the medical care you need directly through an app from your phone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of your own home. Through this virtual care experience, you can receive a wide range of medical services, and it is possible to have many common prescriptions prescribed to you or refilled if needed.

Telehealth improves the overall healthcare experience by improving patient quality of life, lowering costs, and improving medication management. Our telehealth hours of operation are the same as our health clinic hours, making it smooth and easy to schedule appointments at your convenience. Whether it is a cold, a sore throat, rashes, a sinus infection, or other minor injuries, we at Fast Pace Health are here to provide easy access to the medical care you need through telehealth!

Behavioral Health

At Fast Pace Heath, we understand that behavioral health issues encompass an array of issues from depression to substance use. This is why we have carefully put together a behavioral health team to intentionally assist patients with behavioral health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other behavioral health disorders. We understand that every patient has a unique situation, so we offer private consultations and individualized care to get you the psychiatric help you need. We also understand that a healthy mind is one of the first steps to a healthy life, which is why our goal is to help patients of all ages through outpatient care and individualized care plans.

What About Insurance Plans and Payment?

We at Fast Pace Health understand that medical bills can add up fast. That is why it is important to us to offer both convenient and affordable health care options to our patients. Because of this, we accept many different private insurance plans. Don’t have insurance? We have good news! We offer a self-pay program that is both convenient and simple. All payments are due at the time of service, including deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance. We also allow you to pay medical bills online, making the payment process easier than ever!

We Are Excited To Serve You!

Fast Pace Health clinics first began serving patients in 2009 with a singular clinic in Tennessee to bring patient-centered care to those in the community. Since then, Fast Pace Health has grown into over 170 healthcare clinics across the country with the same goal, and now one is coming to your community! Fast Pace Health has always aimed to offer accessible healthcare that prioritizes your needs as the patient first and foremost. This is the same goal we will be bringing to the Baton Rouge area with our new healthcare clinic coming soon!

Whether it be broken bones, minor illnesses, sprains, pediatric care, colds, minor injuries, or many other non-life-threatening health situations, our goal here at our new Fast Pace Health medical center is to serve the citizens of the Baton Rouge area with optimal and individualized care! Our health care facility is coming soon at 1545 Millerville Road, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816.

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Coming soon!

Although this clinic is currently closed, it will be open in the near future. In the meantime, we can assist you with your needs via Telehealth.

No services

There are no services associated with this clinic.