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Although this clinic is currently closed, it will be open in the near future. In the meantime, we can assist you with your needs via Telehealth.

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About Urgent Care | DeRidder

With more than 170 clinics throughout the country, Fast Pace Health medical clinics prioritize delivering excellent, accessible healthcare, improving the overall health and wellness of those in the community, and placing the patient at the center of all we do. Here at Urgent Care in DeRidder, this is no exception!

Our team of highly qualified healthcare providers offer fast, compassionate, and cost-effective care for your everyday illnesses or injuries. With our ability to service medical needs closer to home, we’ve eliminated the need to travel to a hospital or emergency room far away. We’ll help you start feeling better faster, from your couch or a clinic near you. From a stomach ache to stitches, we’ve got you and your family covered.

When You Have a Condition That Requires Urgent Medical Attention

Our Fast Pace Health medical walk-in clinics are designed to meet your non-life-threatening medical issues whenever the need arises. Because we prioritize the health and wellness of the patient, it is important to us that we limit the wait time and hassle of needing to make an appointment to see a healthcare provider by allowing access to immediate care.

Our goal is to put the needs of the patient first as we deliver healthcare services to the surrounding community in a fast, efficient, and convenient way. If you find yourself with a condition that needs urgent medical attention, Fast Pace Health is the place to go!

Our Health Care Services 

About Urgent Care | DeRidder

Accidents, illnesses, and injuries can happen at any time, often without warning. This is why our Fast Pace Healthurgent care facility is designed to provide immediate service to those experiencing non-life-threatening issues and illnesses. We prioritize compassionate, efficient, and cost-effective care for many different conditions.

Our urgent care facility provides a quicker and more convenient alternative to the emergency room so that you can get the appropriate care you need to feel better faster. Whether it be minor injuries, sprains, high fever, or allergic reactions, Fast Pace Health is here to help!

While we are an urgent care facility,Fast Pace Health provides more than just urgent care. We move beyond just urgent care to support our community’s healthcare needs with onsite x-ray, prevention and wellness services, lab services, DOT and sports physicals, and behavioral health services.

Onsite X-Ray Services

An x-ray, or radiograph, is a medical test that allows your healthcare provider to examine a specific location inside the body using ionizing radiation. This procedure is non-invasive and provides images that give your healthcare provider further insight to more appropriately and accurately diagnose and treat medical conditions.

X-rays provide multiple benefits to the patient, and our onsite x-ray services specifically enable you as the patient to potentially receive results during your office visit.

Prevention and Wellness Services

Fast Pace Health offers various preventative and wellness services through our primary care service. Primary care is unique and intentional because the continuous model of patient-centered care allows for a more intentional patient-provider relationship between you and your primary care provider.

The benefits are endless through primary care with access to everything from health screenings and yearly checkups to immunizations and men’s and women’s health. Primary care through Fast Pace Health allows for the optimal healthcare experience to prevent health problems while improving the overall wellness of the patient.

Lab Services 

Lab testing can be a major part of staying on top of your overall health and wellness and can be extremely helpful in identifying past, present, and potential health issues. Our lab services here at Fast Pace Health include routine x-rays, complete blood count, EKGs (electrocardiogram), urinalysis, antigen testing, and more.

Our health care providers use the information from labs like these to appropriately diagnose medical conditions, prescribe medication, and prepare a treatment plan to better provide you with the medical care you need!

DOT Physicals 

DOT physicals, or department of transportation physicals, are important to have access to in order to keep those on the road and inside vehicles safe while driving and traveling. We at Fast Pace Health understand this, which is why for any person required to have a commercial driver’s license, we provide a DOT physical through a range of physical tests to ensure that it is safe for the patient to continue operating a commercial vehicle.

If you need a DOT physical, Fast Pace Health can provide a professional board-certified medical examiner to administer the unique and specific DOT physical.

Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are physical examinations that determine whether a person can safely participate in a sport, and we offer sports physicals at just $25 with no appointment necessary.

Our healthcare providers will carefully assess the full body through examinations of vital signs, flexibility, joints, posture, heart sounds, lung sounds, vision, strength, and more to ensure safety for sport participation. Whether you are prepping for a sports season or just a new sports hobby, Fast Pace Health medical center can help ensure that you are operating at your best!

Behavioral Health Services

Here at Fast Pace Health we understand that behavioral health encompasses many issues regarding physical and mental health and can affect every person differently. We know that every situation is unique, so our healthcare professionals are well equipped to focus on individualized care and treatment plans through private consultations, psychotherapy, the most appropriate medication, and more.

Behavioral health can include psychiatric issues such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), anxiety, depression, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), substance abuse, and more. No matter the age or the situation, we have intentionally put together a team of licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, and psychiatric nurse practitioners who are prepared to help!


In additionto our other services,our DeRidder urgent care center is now offering virtual care from the comfort of your home through our telehealth service. Our telehealth service is video based health system set up to be delivered through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop that treats many common conditions such as allergies, flu and cold symptoms, stomach viruses, urinary tract infections, and more.

Telehealth has numerous benefits that cater to you as the patient. With our telehealth service, care is certainly not limited, and it has never been easier. Our telehealth providers can serve you with the same great care through intentional virtual visits, and they are also able to prescribe or refill common medications. Our telehealth hours vary slightly from our walk-in clinic hours of operation and can be found on our website. If you would rather skip the waiting room, or perhaps you are on a tight schedule because of a busy day, telehealth is for you!

Billing, Insurance, and Payment Options

At Fast Pace Health, we understand that medical bills can add up fast, and our priority is you as the patient. This is why we seek to offer accessible healthcare to everyone in the community. Because we prioritize both quality and affordable healthcare, we accept most private insurance plans.

There are three different ways to verify if Fast Pace Health covers your insurance by chatting online, checking with your insurance by calling the number on the back of your insurance card, and talking to a trusted worker at the front desk of our medical clinic closest to you.

No insurance? No problem! We also offer a simple and easy self pay program that allows you the opportunity to pay for the office visit, testing, and procedure fees upfront at the time of your visit. All payments, including co-payments, deductibles, and coinsurance, are due at the time of service, and we offer an easy online option to pay medical bills!

Fast Pace Health Is Excited To Serve You!

It is our pleasure to serve the community of DeRidder! At Fast Pace Health, we care deeply about serving rural communities through the work of accessible and quality healthcare. It is our goal to serve the community of DeRidder, Louisiana by offering quick, efficient, and individualized healthcare services. Our DeRidder, LA walk-in urgent care clinic is located near Pine St.

We’re open seven days a week and there is no appointment required. Our hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Feel free to just walk in at your own convenience or save your spot in line today. You can find us ready and excited to serve you at Pine St. DeRidder, La 70634!

4.6 351 reviews

  • Avatar PhysEdFuel ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    The staff went above and beyond to ensure I had the proper care. I left under the guidance that X-ray results would be read, likely the following day. When they received the results shortly after my departure, they called me back in and … More took care of me, even after they locked their doors. They should be commended on their level of care and compassion.
  • Avatar Mildred MCNAMARA ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Everyone was so nice. The facility was clean with very little wait time. The nursing staff and doctor helped me out and told me what to do to make me feel better and they also took care of making sure the prescription was directly sent … More to the pharmacy which was really a big help. I'd recommend them to anyone. Plus I love the fact that they are opened on Sunday.
  • Avatar Ceteka Perry ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Great service! Not a long wait! So grateful for this wonderful urgent care. They always give my family great and special care.

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Coming soon!

Although this clinic is currently closed, it will be open in the near future. In the meantime, we can assist you with your needs via Telehealth.

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There are no services associated with this clinic.